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Craig McAnsh is the president and creative director of Native Marketing - a full service advertising and branding agency. Our holistic approach to marketing is to seek what is vital and natural about your brand, then bring it to life for your customers. Craig is a 25-year veteran in advertising, marketing and branding, has worked with clients as diverse and international as SylvanSport, Intel, Cartoon Network, American Heart Association, D.C. United, CNN, PBS, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Craig is also a trend expert, researching and reporting on global trends in technology, entertainment, media and pop culture for Turner Broadcasting and others.

In 2011, he founded Mojo Coworking to meet Asheville’s need for a creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial space that brings energetic minds and bodies from our community together. Mojo is a professional and fun environment that inspires cross pollination through ideas, stories, work and play.

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