Recently, the culture of work has changed. Social dynamics, health awareness, and, most importantly, workspaces have all experienced drastic changes in the last few years. Many companies are switching to a hybrid work model, allowing employees to work both at home and in the office. Some organizations are doing away with in-office work models completely in exchange for the flexibility of working remotely. As people begin to adjust their workflows with new boundaries and expectations, they’re discovering the techniques to working remotely and mastering them like an art form.

Time Management and Preparation

Perhaps one of the hardest skills to master during the transition from in-office to remote work is the ability to properly manage your time. While working remotely may provide more freedom, the flexibility may be overwhelming for some. With deadlines, meetings, and appointments, combined with a daily workload, it can be hard to keep track of everything, especially without the rigid structure of an office. By having all the tools at your fingertips with an in-home office, the boundaries between work life and personal life are often crossed and abused with many remote employees working later and more often than before. So, to help avoid these time management issues, many remote workers have implemented a few strategies. For instance, installing scheduling apps and setting reminders in work calendars is a great way to stay on top of timed events and appointments. And, if setting boundaries to help define work time from personal time is beginning to affect your day, consider separating your office from your home. Having a private office space can help provide a structure to your daily schedule and promote punctuality. Sometimes creating physical space between your work life and personal life is the best way to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Communication and Connectivity

Remote workers often find themselves working alone. With no co-workers to communicate with in person, many are facing social challenges and feelings of isolation. And, as remote work continues to grow in popularity across multiple industries it’s important for remote employees to be aware and actively conscious of their social interactions to help support mental health, mood, and overall well-being. To help stay social while working remotely, consider contacting our team for a Flex Day Pass for access to a flexible workspace, surrounded by other remote workers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. Not only is the inability to communicate in person hindering access to healthy socialization, but it is also attributed to miscommunications with co-workers. Installing apps and other communication tools onto your devices, setting up zoom meetings, and scheduling time to connect with coworkers virtually and in person can greatly mitigate feelings of isolation and help with team communication.


One of the most overlooked strategies of remote workers is self-care. Hyper-focused on deadlines paired with a full work schedule keeps many from even thinking about their health until it’s too late. Back pain, eye strain, and carpal tunnel are just a few of the common health concerns for remote workers and other digital careers. It’s important for employees to remember to take the time necessary to address their self-care needs before they become hindrances to productivity and focus. Take the time to stretch often and rest your hands to avoid back and joint pain. Back pain affects around 16 million adults in America, so it’s important to retain good posture whenever possible. Explore your options such as an ergonomic chair that can help promote proper posture while working. Or, try an adjustable standing desk to help ward off stiff joints. Utilizing breaks to properly stretch and take brief walks is a great way to help with back pain and to help keep you mobile while performing stationary work. 

And, while back pain is an important health concern, it’s equally as important to be conscious of eye health. As the workforce moves towards a more digital landscape an above-average amount of screen time is common among remote workers, leading to eye strain, headaches, and a decline in mental health. Taking regular breaks to look off into the distance and meditate can immensely improve mental health and alleviate eye pain. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who wear contacts, and you are still experiencing eye pain or irritation, consider looking into other types of contact lenses and how they work. Use your findings to help you figure out what may work best for you and your new work life. Soft contact lenses tend to collect irritable deposits while hard contacts aren’t as flexible and forming. It’s important to know what works best for you to ensure comfort and proper eye care. Remember it’s always important to consult your optometrist before making any drastic changes to your eye care routine.


One of the many benefits of working remotely is the opportunity to travel. While most remote workers choose to work from home, there are a select few that are adventurous enough to take their work life on the road. And, the world is beginning to adapt to these wandering souls, dubbed digital nomads, and, some countries like Greece, are even beginning to offer special digital nomad visas to entice potential remote workers to try living and working abroad. If you’re one who’s considering taking advantage of your digital freedom, be sure to be well-prepared for whatever the road may throw at you. Not only is a digital nomad visa a priority when traveling, but you will also need a passport and other paperwork needed for travel. It’s best to be informed of your destination's policies regarding visas, customs, and health and safety. 

Working remotely can seem daunting when first making the transition. Luckily, with roughly 92 million employees having the option to work remotely, the art of working remotely is being mastered and critiqued. Refer to these tips to help you on your journey to becoming the Picasso of remote work. And be sure to check out Mojo for a connected and safe working environment.

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