Learn the in's and out's of iOS 8, Apple's new mobile operating system.  This content packed session will cover the following:

  • New Features:  iPhoto, Calendar, Notifications, Multitasking, Spotlight Search, Photo Stream & More
  • App Grouping & Organization
  • Screen Features & Control Panel
  • Personalization & Customization
  • Keyboard Tricks
  • Settings
  • Battery Conservation
  • Conserving Cellular Data
  • Intro to iCloud
  • Sharing Files

You can be brand new to iOS or have some experience but desire to know more. Bring your device with you to follow along or sit back & relax to watch, eat and listen!

This will be an interactive session.  Feel free to ask questions throughout the course.

Lunch Included!

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  • Craig S. McAnsh
    Craig S. McAnsh
    iOS 8 - Learn the Details

    During the last iOS 8 class, 10 people were enlightened by Francie Black.

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