Mojo Coworking is home to some of the most creative and passionate

entrepreneurs that Asheville, NC has to offer.  In order to continue to

provide the highest quality and secure networking environment for its

customers, Mojo Coworking will be partnering with local Information

Security start-up, mountainsec, LLC. 

This partnership will focus on optimizing and improving

network/information security initiatives for Mojo and its members.  This

includes Secure Network Architecture, Threat Landscape Reporting,

Security Awareness Training, Penetration Testing, Wireless Assessments,


Mojo Coworking truly understands the importance of providing a secure

network environment for all members and has essentially redesigned its

network to better accomplish this. Tim Fowler, Principal Security

Consultant at mountainsec, was tasked with designing and implementing

the new network architecture.  Improvements include stateful packet

inspection, content filtering, client isolation, network segmentation,

and many more! Moving forward, Mojo members will have the added

confidence that their privacy and security are of the highest priority.

Whether you are part of a new start-up, own a local business, or have

just launched a new mobile app, mountainsec can assist by bringing

transparency to your security posture.  We are here to level the playing


All Mojo members are eligible to receive a complimentary security

assessment and also an exclusive discount for all mountainsec, LLC


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