1 Million Cups of Coffee Back in 2014, Mojo Coworking helped launch 1Million Cups of Coffee - a weekly event for entrepreneurs created by the Kauffman Foundation and produced by committed team of volunteers here in Asheville. As many of you know, the 1Million Cups program was an immediate success - and ultimately outgrew the space at Mojo.

However, for a limited run, 1Million Cups will be back at Mojo Coworking during December while the event organizers get prepared for an even more robust program in 2020.

Please plan on attending 1Million Cups Asheville on December 4th and 11th from 8am - 10am at Mojo Coworking. As always, there will be lots of coffee and some snacks along with great speakers.

Check out the 1Million Cups Asheville website for details.